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The Training Organisation (TO) at Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd, is certified by Malta’s regulator (TM-CAD) to provide Part ATCO training under the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340. The TO is run by the Senior Head of Training and AIM with the Head of Corporate Training as his delegate, a Training Facilities Specialist and two SIM Coordinators on full-time basis. On part-time basis the TO also employs Pseudo Pilots, OPS Assessors, TSS Assessors, Synthetic Training Device Instructors (STDIs) and a large pool of On the Job training Instructors (OJTIs) who all provide the in-house training of both its operational and technical workforce. Amongst the in-house training provided the TO provides one could find

  • Pre-OJT Training
  • Atsep Basic Training
  • Approach Simulator Training
  • Area Simulator Training

Equipment Used

  • Leonardo CDB6 Simulator 
  • UFA Simulator

Phraseology Training 

The TO also offers phraseology training to third party customers through our highly experienced instructors, who have ample experience in the field of ATC.  

Sub-Contracting Training

 The TO also sub-contracts the following training to other European TOs as deemed necessary

  • ATC Basic Training
  • ATC Unit Training
  • Refresher Training
  • Human Factors Training
  • BASIC Training
  • Rating Training
  • QUAL Training


The TO is also in charge of managing and running the First European Air Traffic Controller Test (FEAST), which is a computer-based selection tool used by the organization for the recruitment and selection of ATCO trainees. 

Future Plans

As a future plan the section is in the process of building a fully pledged training complex with an additional four classrooms at its disposal, in the vicinity of the ATCC which will cater for all the organisation’s future training necessities.