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Over the years, we participated in projects that facilitate environmental responsible actions by the aviation industry.   The direct routes that our air traffic controllers provided for decades helped in reducing emissions by numbers. A leading example is the implementation of the Free Route Airspace, well in advance of regulatory requirements, reducing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and costs to the Airspace Users.  MATS’ adherence to departure slots is also impeccable, measuring well above the required target stated in EU regulations.

Another commitment in line with the National Civil Aviation Policy is towards the environment.

The above and more, remain our number one credo, as we believe that we are to leave the world a better place.

MATS is currently:

# Ensuring the use of alternative energy in any new projects, reducing the reliance on conventional energy supply

# Investing only in efficient energy equipment

# Working on landscaping, particularly taking care of the green areas possible at its site