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Mission Statement

We are accountable to the public, users of our airspace and all our stakeholders.


Is our priority. We strive so that all users of our airspace travel safely through our airspace.


Is our promise. We endeavor to achieve results that represent professionalism, transparency, and accountability.


Are our strength. Our success depends on the esteem, teamwork, and commitment of our workforce.


Is our benchmark. We accomplish our duties honestly, with moral soundness, and with the highest level of moral principles.


Is our mark. We promote creativity and vision to afford continuous improvement of our services.
MATS Vision is to be recognized as one of the most esteemed ANSPs in the Euro Mediterranean Region
  • In the eyes of our airspace users for our safety performance record.
  • In the eyes of our customers for our cost-effectiveness, customer service, and efficiency in providing air traffic services.
  • In the eyes of our employees for establishing a motivating and satisfying workplace as well as opportunities for a challenging career.