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Freedom of Information

FOIA – MATS list of documents

1. General and administrative documents, procedures and policies
2. Annual Reports
3. Minutes of Meetings
4. MATS Management Organogram
5. MATS Functional Diagram
6. Memorandums

Some data is available in the net on:

• ICAO –
• EASA –
• TM-CAD –
• Eurocontrol –
• Skybrary –


1. Safety, Quality and Security Section

  • SQSC/QUA 11-07 IMS Manual
  • SQSC/QUA/DDC/PROC 09-06 Document and Data Control Procedure
  • SQSC/SAF/PROC/SOP 43-15 Coordination Process for important Air Navigation Data
  • SQSC/QUA/COR/PROC 12-07 Control of MATS Records Procedure
  • SQSC/QUA/PROC/CPA 13-07 Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
  • SQSC/QUA/PROC/CNC 14-07 Control of Non-Conforming Service
  • SQSC/QUA/AUD/PROC 15-07 Internal Auditing Procedure
  • SQSC/SAF/KMP 26-16 SQSC Section – Knowledge Management and Processes
  • SQSC/SAF/PROC/BRM 12-16 MATS Business Risk Management Procedure
  • Compliance


2. Operations Section

  • ATC SPINS Manual
  • ATC SPV Manual
  • Knowledge Management and Processes
  • Operations Document Control
  • LoA between OPS-TRG-HR re. UTP Roles and Responsibilities
  • Unit Competence Scheme
  • Airspace Management Change Process
  • Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management Internal Procedures
  • Compliance to ATFM Measures
  • Operational Agreement between AFM and MATS on Operational Procedures for the Activation of LM Danger Areas


3. Technical Section

  • Technical Procedures
  • Technical Documents
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Technical Work Instructions
  • Technical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Technical Planned Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • ICT Policy
  • Knowledge Management and Processes


4. AIM Section

  • Manual of Instructions Document Control
  • Manual of Instructions General
  • Manual of Instructions Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network
  • Manual of Instructions European Aeronautical Database
  • Manual of Instructions Competency & Training
  • Monthly NOTAM Checklist
  • Knowledge Management and Processes


5. Training Section

  • Training Documents
  • Unit Training Plan [UTP]
  • Air Traffic Control Officer Trainee Recruitment
  • First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST) Policy
  • Knowledge Management and Processes


6. HR and OHS Section

  • ADM/HR/MATS Job Descriptions 20-13
  • HR & OHS Knowledge Management Document
  • OHS policy
  • HR Manual
  • Collective Agreements


7. Finance and Admin Section

  • Document Control and Records
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Policies
  • Training and Competence
  • Knowledge Management and Processes


8. Projects Coordinator Section
• PjC Document Control


Note: Some of the information listed above is exempt from disclosure under the FOIA (cap.496) and confidential documents that pertain to MATS cannot be made public.

Public Authority Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS)
Description of the department/directorate/entity’s structureMATS Functional Diagram dated 12 August 2016 both attached
Description of the department/directorate/entity’s functions and
Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS) Ltd. is the sole Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)
for Malta. MATS provides air traffic services to commercial, cargo and military aircraft,
including air traffic management and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
(CNS) services for aircraft flying in the Malta Flight Information Region (FIR) and
delegated airspace, ensuring adequate separation and safety measures.
General description of the categories of documents the
department/directorate/entity holds (including exempt
Description of all manuals and similar types of documents
which contain policies, principles, rules or guidelines
in accordance with which decisions or recommendations are
made in respect of members of the public (including bodies
corporate and employees of the public authority in their
personal capacity)

Statement of the information that needs to be available to
members of the public who wish to obtain access to
official documents from the public authority, which statement
shall include particulars of the officer or officers to whom
requests for such access should be sent
MATS FOI officer may be contacted by email: or by telephone
FOI requests may be submitted by e-mail to, through the FOI Portal via the e-ID or through the online form.
Details of Internal Complaints ProcedureAn applicant whose request for information is refused, or who is otherwise not satisfied with
the information provided, its format or the extension of the deadline for the submission of the
notification indicating whether a request would be met or not, may address a complaint to
The complaint should be addressed to MATS FOI Officer (SQS Senior Head or his designate),
who shall bring the complaint to the attention of the MATS Strategic Board. The Strategic
Board (responsible for complaints) shall reply to the applicant within 10 working days from the
receipt of the complaint.
The applicant shall also be informed that he or she may appeal the decision or otherwise
address a complaint to the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with
the Freedom of Information Act (Cap. 496 of the Laws of Malta).
The Strategic Board shall inform the applicant of the decision taken with respect to his or her
complaint, and in the event of confirmation of a decision not to release the pertinent
information, shall explain the reasons thereof.
Whenever the applicant’s complaint is related to the format of the information provided or to
an extension of the deadline for the submission of the notification indicating whether a request
would be met or not by MATS, and the original decision is upheld, the applicant shall be given
an explanation as to why his or her complaint cannot be positively addressed.
An applicant may also make use of the Internal Complaints Procedure to report failure to meet
deadlines or to send notifications. In those cases where the request for information can be met,
but has not been met within the deadlines specified by the Act, the officer responsible shall
waive any applicable fees for the submission of information
Other InformationOffice Hours 08:00-16:00 Mon to Fri
Complaints may be submitted by e-mail to, through the FOI Portal via the e-ID or through the online form.
Important Note: MATS buildings are in a restricted area of the airport and access is
Payments of applicable fees can be made in cash and cheque payable to Malta Air Traffic
Services at the following address:
Malta Air Traffic Services,
Gate No. 4, Malta International Airport,
Triq tal-Isqof,
L-Imqabba MQB 9057
Requests and complaints received over the weekend and on public holidays will be addressed
on the next working day
Public Authority Contact DetailsMalta Air Traffic Services,
Gate No. 4, Malta International Airport,
Triq tal-Isqof,
L-Imqabba MQB 9057
2235 5429/5440/5307


Requesting Information

A request for document/information form must be completed to ask for information from Malta Air Traffic Services.  Application and Complaint forms can either be downloaded from the Freedom of Information portal or filled in online using the e-id.

Downloaded forms from the public are either to be submitted by email: or by post in the following Address:

SQSC Office
Malta Air Traffic Services, Gate 4
Malta International Airport
Triq tal-Isqof
L-Imqabba MQB9057

Before requesting information held by MATS under the FOIA, a prior check be carried out to see if the required information is already published on the MATS website. All documentation/ information given is against a fee as indicated below.


MATS shall charge fees for access or documentation under the provisions of the FOI Act and in accordance with the Legal Notice 158 of 2010 – fees charged by Public authorities for access to documents regulations:

FIRST SCHEDULE – (Regulation 3)
Requests requiring less than two man-hours of processing € 5
Requests requiring at least two man-hours of processing but less than three hours € 10
Requests requiring at least three man-hours of processing but less than four hours € 15
Requests requiring at least four man-hours of processing € 20


SECOND SCHEDULE – (Regulation 4) – Additional fees
Photocopies and Faxes €00.12 per page
Digital Media Cost price of the digital medium used (e.g. disc)



THIRD SCHEDULE – (Regulation 4) – Additional fees
Inspection of up to 1 hour € 5
Inspection of up to 2hours € 10
Inspection of up to 3 hours € 15
Inspection exceeding 3 hours € 20
In the event of multiple inspection sessions, MATS shall set the fee by counting the hours the applicant spent inspecting the document


Effecting payment

Following a request for information, the applicant will be duly informed of the fees that MATS intend to charge.  Applicants can affect payment of fees in respect of documents/information requested, by cheque or cash. Cash payments should be affected at the MATS Finance & Admin Section during office hours and cheques made payable to Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd.