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MATS manages the aeronautical information that is important to pilots and for all parties concerned in ATM.
AIM includes the publication and distribution of static (Aeronautical Information Publication – AIP) and dynamic information (messages for aviation – NOTAM) concerning Malta. The requirements mentioned in Annex 15 of the ICAO convention of Chicago are the main guideline for this. Data management meets the European standards and is done through the European AIS Database (EAD). The ATS Reporting Office (ARO) is a self-briefing office located in the Malta International Airport terminal Building. Signs are available for direction purposes.
By insuring accuracy, integrity and timeliness of the published data, MATS delivers qualitative information and in this way helps to guarantee the safety of air navigation. MATS is ISO 9001 certified and aeronautical information is processed according to standard operational procedures and working instructions, during which the whole data chain is monitored, from its generation by the data providers to its publication.

The Malta AIP will be supplied to foreign Aeronautical Authorities and Aeronautical Information Services on the basis of the free exchange policy stated in ICAO Annex 15 para 2.3.5., all supplementary copies will be invoiced. All other subscribers have to pay for their subscriptions according to the current price list and number of copies.
After the reception of your order, the Invoicing Department applies the suitable amount of VAT based on your EU VAT ID or Tax Residency Certificate and sends you the invoice via postal mail, while the AIM Office prepares your package for shipping.

Flight plan (IFR/VFR) submission is available for registered users via Email or fax +356 2235 5532. It is important that a contact number is made available for coordination purposes. If the submitted flight plan does not have a contact number or email it will be rejected.