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About Us

Founded in 2002, Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd is responsible for the provision of air navigation services and air traffic management for the Maltese islands and the Malta Flight Information Region.  Following years as part of the Civil Aviation Department, MATS assumed control of all air traffic, technical support services for all the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance infrastructure, and provision of Aeronautical Information Management in accordance with the Air Navigation License granted by the Civil Aviation Directorate of Transport Malta (TM-CAD).

MATS is a limited company and is in compliance with International Standards, Recommended Practices, and EU Regulations, including BV ISO 9001-2015.  MATS was a forefront with the implementation of European Union initiatives such as Reduced Vertical Separation Minima, Free Route Airspace and Performance Based Navigation – all projects implemented with the interest of the airspace users, cost efficiency, as well as the environment never at the cost of safety.