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Malta Air Traffic Services integrates the leading portfolio of Air Navigation Services and Training Organization (ATCO) offering services to cover key aspects of air traffic management.

Reporting directly to the Head – Finance and Admin, you will join an administration team in the procurement field.

We are looking for a flexible and practically minded procurement professional who will lead MATS in an efficient process.

Qualification Requirements:
6 O Levels + 1 A Level Matriculation Certificate OR MQF Level 4 Certificate.


Previous Experience: A minimum of two (2) years’ proven relevant work experience in a similar role in the Public or Private sector.

Job Description

• Manages, coordinates, and monitors the Company’s tenders as instructed by the Chief Finance Officer.

• Acts as the Company’s main contact person for tendering and alternate to ATASO responsible for procurement.

• Understands and applies the implementation of the different steps of the procurement cycle.

• Learns and keeps abreast of developments in national procurement legislation, public procurement policy requirements, rules, guidelines, circulars, and other procurement related material to support the company’s procurement decisions.

• Operates proficiently the electronic Public Procurement System and other electronic tools available for supporting procurement procedures.

• Keeping of IT databases updated with correct information of tenders published and throughout the whole procurement cycle.

• Understands, interacts, builds, and maintains an effective relationship with internal and external stakeholders to understand and fulfil organisational obligations and needs.

• Understands and applies the principles of transparency, non-discrimination, and equal treatment, as well as ethical, privacy, confidentiality and integrity standards in market consultations and engagements with suppliers.

• Performs basic procurement planning tasks, such as collecting and consolidating contributions from various departments/sections.

• Understands the scope and benefits of sustainable procurement for achieving the organisation’s sustainability objectives [Green Public Procurement (GPP), genuine competition (equity more than equality)].

• Provides input to support the procurement strategy decision-making process: e.g. summarise and report information gathered on procurement options, analysis and forecasts reports. Communicates in an effective and concise manner with a range of stakeholders (internal and external) by tailoring the message accordingly.

• Provides the vetting/preparation of procurement documents such as drafting of tender documents, instructions to tenderers, annexes to be completed/uploaded based on relevant EU and national regulations, policies, conditions, guidelines and templates.

• Supports and manage the evaluation and post-award process, including, but not limited to the vetting/preparation of documentation for Tender Evaluation Committees and the drafting of contract agreements and addenda.

• Supports the contract delivery and modification functions in line with project time, cost, quality, scope, benefits and risks variables.

• Undertakes any other tasks, which the superior may delegate to him/her, as may be required.

• Manages, coordinates, and monitors the Company’s advertising on media of tenders, vacancies as instructed by Management.

• Keeps up to date the Company’s contracts on the Centrik System.

• Any other duties as directed by the CFO/Head of Finance.

• Apply, support, and adhere to the Safety, Quality, Security and Compliance policies and procedures of the organisation as required by international, national and internal requirements.

• Report safety occurrences.