Aeronautical Information Services

Flight Planning


An ICAO flight plan must be filed for all IFR and VFR flights planning to operate in the Malta FIR/UIR.


A written flight plan may be filed through the Malta AIS Unit who in turn transmit the flight plan to Eurocontrol (IFR) or specific VFR sectors. Flight plans may be submitted to the Malta AIS Unit via email or fax. Flight plan forms may be filled and faxed from the Flight Planning remote office located at the Malta International Airport (departures terminal). Submitters of flight plans should ensure that they add their contact details on the flight plan so that they can be contacted if required. In case of IFR flights, pilots or operators are ultimately responsible for the complete filing of their flight plans. This includes compilation, accuracy and submission of flight plans and also for the reception of an acknowledgement message from IFPS.


Flight plans for flights subject to ATFM measures should be filed at least three hours before Estimated Off Block Time (EOBT). Flight plans for all other flights should be filed at least 60 minutes before EOBT.


Local and available foreign electronic AIPs can be consulted from the PC located at the Flight Planning remote office.




The Malta AIS Unit is responsible for the issue and transmission of NOTAMs concerning Luqa Aerodrome, Gozo Heliport and the Malta FIR/UIR. NOTAMs are issued for a number of reasons, such as:


·        Hazards such as fireworks and military activities and exercises

·        Closure of Runways, Taxiways and Aprons

·        Unserviceable radio navigational aids

·        Temporary erection of obstacles near the airfield


European AIS database (EAD)


Malta has fully migrated to EAD. This service provides high quality aeronautical information to the European aviation community and the national air traffic services providers.


All Maltese NOTAMs are being distributed by EAD and consequently, the originators of the NOTAM appear as EUECYIYN and no longer as LMMMYNYX. In the remote case of a complete failure of the EAD for a long period of time, Malta will temporary distribute NOTAMs through the AFTN using the originator LMMMYNYX and will then transfer the issued NOTAMs to EAD as soon as the service becomes available. Information on EAD can be found on the following websites:


Eurocontrol EAD website:-


EAD operational website:-


Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) which contain a recapitulation of current NOTAM and other information of urgent character for specific aerodromes, FIRs and flight plan routes are available either from the EAD operational website or by request from Malta AIS.


Malta AIS Unit can be contacted on:



tel:-          23696543 / 23695331

fax:-         23696540


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